KCFS Resolution concerning the "Science Hearings"


Kansas Citizens For Science Resolution Regarding the State Board Science Hearing Committee
March 8, 2005

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WHEREAS, the science standards minority report has received peer-review and has been found to lack credible scientific basis, and;

WHEREAS, the minority members have refused to answer these challenges to their scientific credibility, and;

WHEREAS, the minority report contains ID creationist religious philosophy, despite proponents failure to identify it as such, and;

WHEREAS, the White House has made it clear that it considers evolution to be the cornerstone of modern biology and rejects ID as a scientific theory, or even a scientific topic, and;

WHEREAS, the focus question approved yesterday for the hearings is not, as alleged, a part of the NCLB legislation, having been dropped from the actual bill during the conference committee, and;

WHEREAS, the changes proposed in the minority report will have the effect of requiring our universities to train future teachers using an inappropriate definition of science or face loss of accreditation of their science teacher preparation programs, and;

WHEREAS, scientific merit is not established through public discourse and debate, but rather, internally, through a consensus of those with the specialized background necessary to make such judgment, and;

WHEREAS, all members of the Science Hearing Committee either ran for office on anti-evolution platforms, or previously introduced creationist standards in lieu of good science, thus destroying any façade of impartiality and;

WHEREAS, these are the individuals who will act as both the judge and jury of the scientific credibility of evolution during the hearings, despite lacking the collective credentials to serve as the arbiters of what constitutes good science, and;

WHEREAS, it would not be fair to science to be found wanting by a self-admitted scientifically challenged jury with an anti-evolution bias,


BE IT RESOLVED, that KCFS calls upon the Board of Education to dissolve the unneeded and ill-conceived Science Hearing Committee, or, if that fails to occur;

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that KCFS calls on the entire science and science education community of Kansas to refuse to participate in the hearing proceedings. Science has its own validity and has made its position on these matters perfectly clear and unambiguous. ID and other forms of creationism aren’t science. The specific proposals in the minority report have been rejected by the writing committee and by the science community at large. The science community should not put itself in the position of participating in a rigged hearing where non-scientists will appear to sit in judgment and find science lacking. Science should not give the anti-evolution members of the board the veneer of respectability when they take their predictable action. Let the board take responsibility for its actions without dignifying those actions with the appearance of academic rigor.

Last updated March 8, 2005