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 Origin Of Intelligent Life blog, for Christmas! 
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Post Origin Of Intelligent Life blog, for Christmas!
Seeing how I became so focused on the "Theory of Intelligent Design" this year I wanted to try another over-the-forum Christmas present that has no ID in it at all. For some time I was putting together an ID free public-school safe "Origin Of Intelligent Life" blog/website for here by morning, and made it! It should also be in a closed loop so that following links will not take the reader to the ID theory.

If you're wondering how I can seriously just up and write a whole new theory like this it's actually very simple. In this case it only has to explain "Origin Of Intelligent Life" instead of the much harder challenge that the ID movement adds by including an "intelligent cause". This greatly simplifies what must be explained including collective intelligence that here fits rights in with nothing left to argue.

I also redid the now off the web "Science To Believe In" logo to show the progression of levels of organization that still have to be explained to the reader. The graphic has two question marks on either end because science can only take us so far but there is nothing religious about it at all. It's purely for illustrative purposes so what the text begins by explaining is shown pictorially to make it easy to visualize.

Since this is another "Intelligent" phenomena requiring focus on what makes things "Intelligent" there is again no way I can even see for Evolutionary Theory to be useful in it. Saying that evolution has the power to evolve intelligence, does not explain anything at all about the phenomena. A useful explanation will describe it from the perspective of intelligence which was already done in the Theory of ID so that part I copied over which will account for the generous use of the word "design" where it says "never once was there not a predecessor of like design present for the descendant design to have come from." At the moment that is the most useful way to describe it and the main sentence received a good deal of constructive forum discussion worth making the most of. I'm not sure what others think of that part being left worded exactly like it was but I can't think of a more useful way to state that. So at least for now it will have a short part that hints of ID without becoming it.

As not to keep you in unnecessary suspense, here's the new blog!

I have not thought much about what this means for the Theory of ID project other than it seeming to simplify things. Frees-up science that was stalled by being bundled up in the controversial ID material. Can now separate the two which makes it easy to show what would be required to go from standard classroom "Origin Of Intelligent Life" to a "Theory Of Intelligent Design" by that part being all that would be there. If you hate everything to do with ID then it's better to know what that looks like, than not know.

Feel free to let me know what you think about the new blog/idea. It is planned to in time explain why amino acids respond the way they do to environment by the hydrocarbon chains (short nubs and benzene ring) many of them have at their ends which explains why proteins fold the way they do and other things without getting into complicated science either. Just need the right stuff like the new hydrocarbon chart in the new blog that I can now easily update with a program I wrote to draw it. It's also a monochrome bitmap that transmits real fast over internet so even though it's big it's not slow.

Even where you do not celebrate the holiday I hope you like the interesting science present and wish everyone a Merry Christmas! :D

The theory of intelligent design holds that certain features of the universe and of living things are best explained by an intelligent cause, not an undirected process such as natural selection.
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