KCFS Update – May 7, 2006

KCFS Update
May 7, 2006

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KU professor to call for greater focus on math, science

Lawrence Journal-World – May 3, 2006

A Kansas University chemistry professor will speak today on Capitol Hill, weighing in on the national debate about how to keep America competitive in science and technology.

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On March 4, the Kansas City Press Club sponsored a forum on the subject of “Intelligent Design, Intelligent Media: Is Coverage Accurate?” Forum participants included no one from the Majority on the science standards writing committee or any moderate BOE member, but moderate Sue Gamble managed to get a few good licks in anyway. John Calvert of the IDnet let fly some salty language. Way to polish your image, John!

Three attendees have written reports:

Several items by Pat Hayes at Red State Rabble

Article by Paul Decelles at The Force That Through…

Commentary by Dave Warren at KansasRealPolitik

Audio files of the proceedings are available at:


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State School Board candidates oppose new science standards

Johnson County Sun – May 4, 2006

All three candidates for the 3rd District seat on the Kansas Board of Education say they would not have voted for Kansas’ new science standards approved last November by the conservative majority on the board.

The standards redefine science, challenge the theory of evolution and open the door to teaching intelligent design. . . .

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Schools should be focus, say bishops

LJ World – April 30, 2006

Topeka — Bishops from three major Christian denominations Saturday said the state should focus on education and poverty and steer away from hot-button issues.

The religious leaders led a daylong conference on education attended by about 125 people at Grace Episcopal Cathedral. . . .

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May 5, 2006

Church-State Watchdog Group Demands That Potosi Public School District Drop Plans For Creationist Assembly Presentation

A Missouri public school district’s plan to sponsor a high school assembly by a creationist lecturer violates the U.S. Constitution and must be dropped, according to Americans United for Separation of Church and State. . . .

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Evolution makes the grade at Christian colleges

Science & Theology News – May 1, 2006

As a Christian, Curt Blankespoor believes in biblical infallibility. He accepts as part of his faith that the Bible is the inerrant word of God. . . .

His faith makes the answer to why we were created easy. But when it comes to how God created the world, the evolutionary biologist supports the scientific stance on evolution. .

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On trial: The story of a Christian and evolution

Science & Theology News – May 3, 2006

A Christian physicist frankly evaluates the tension when he published a book on evolution

By Howard Van Till

The spark: Howard Van Till’s “The Fourth Day” caused an uproar among evangelical Christians. (Source: Amazon)

How do Christian colleges deal with culturally and religiously sensitive issues like evolution? Consider two contrasting approaches: the “intellectual candor first” strategy and the “tradition protection first” approach. The first emphasizes academic responsibility while the second gives higher priority to cherished traditions. . . .

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Who’s the Dodo? The Evolution and I.D. Debate at the Tribeca Film Festival

The Huffington Post – May 2, 2006

When I listen to supporters of Intelligent Design explain the reasons why they believe it, my reaction depends on who’s talking. If I’m hearing a religious zealot defend I.D., I just wave my hand and go “Feh, just another closed-minded creationist.” But when a scientist starts explaining why he believes in I.D., I listen, because, coming out of a scientist’s mouth, the concept almost makes sense.

But then I think about it some more, and I usually end up coming to the same conclusion: that they’re all full of crap. . . .

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Teachers Seek New Ways to Champion Evolution (Audio from NPR)

Morning Edition – May 3, 2006

The competition between evolution and intelligent design is not limited to the courtroom. Students who believe that the theory of evolution conflicts with their faith are bringing the battle to the classroom. That’s forcing teachers to find new ways to defend their belief in science. . . .

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A clever argument, by design

Seattle Times – May 3, 2006

At the end of The Seattle Times’ debate April 26 between Peter Ward, Darwinist, and Stephen Meyer, Intelligent Designist, Ward asked the audience whether anyone had changed his mind. Of the hundreds of people who packed Town Hall’s former Church of Christ, Scientist, I didn’t see anyone raise a hand.

I didn’t raise mine. I’ll confess to having been on the side of Darwin since elementary school, when I read Roy Chapman Andrews’ stories of finding dinosaur eggs. I had thought that in this secular city the crowd would have been on Darwin’s side, too, but the advantage in decibels was on the side of intelligent design. . . .

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Fossil of snake with legs is rock-solid proof of evolution

Columbus Dispatch – May 2, 2006

. . .Tiktaalik and najash are just the latest fossils of intermediates to be found. We now have so many fossils linking dinosaurs and birds that it is purely academic whether a particular fossil is called a bird or a dinosaur.

There also is a wonderful series of fossils showing how whales evolved from land dwellers. And — this is what worries creationists — every year brings to light more fossils showing how our species, Homo sapiens, arose from nonhuman ancestors.

Snakes with legs and fish with feet — science marches on. . . .

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Independent Online – May 4, 2006

Scientists have detected signs of evolution “in reverse” on the Galapagos Islands where human invasion is disrupting the delicate balance of the islands’ unique ecosystem. . . .

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AP – May 3, 2006

An important wind circulation pattern over the Pacific Ocean has begun to weaken because of global warming caused by human activity, something that could alter climate and the marine food chain in the region, new research suggests. . . .

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