Sound files from KC Press forum

These are links to sound files of the forum last night (May 4, 2006) sponsored by the Kansas City Press Club on the subject of Intelligent Design, Intelligent Media: Is Coveage Accurate? There are two sets of files. All files are mp3 files.
1. The first set are completely unedited other than being divided into seven arbitrary sections.

File 1 File 2 File 3 File 4 File 5 File 6 File 7

2. The second set are nicely organzied by speaker, so you can more easily find the section you are interested in. These are in a downloadable zipped archive. Click the link to download the files and then unzip them, which is usually an automatic option on most computers.

All files

[Updated June 10, 2006]

6 thoughts on “Sound files from KC Press forum

  1. “To say that the words ‘intelligent design’ are not in the standards and therefore it’s not about intelligent design is the kind of sophistry that most politicians have practiced for many years.”
    I think this was Donovan’s voice, but I’m not sure. Still breathtaking.

  2. Other . . .

    And anyone who can suggest that the aim of the state board was not about teaching alternatives to evolution is just plain wrong. That’s what the debate was all about, it’s what the vote was about, that was the whole reason for the controversy.”

    “Questions of faith are not challenge-able, inherently . . . the conversation is over, in a way. There’s nothing else to ask – ‘I just believe it’.”

  3. Both are by Dave Hellings, who for the most part was the main voice for the reporters’ side. He stood up to Abrams’ and Awbrey’s bluster. He was a little too wordy at times, but he was strong and articulate most of the time.

  4. Many thanks for hosting there, Jack. It was a little eerie to listen to many of the same claims that were made in Ohio — ‘there’s no intelligent design in these standards’, and ‘we just look at the [trash] science’, and Abrams’ mantra of science, which if he actually believed it would switch him over immediately.

  5. Does anyone know: Who was the audience member toward the end of the session (on part 5) who opined that intelligent design experts would slaughter evolutionary scientists in a fair and open debate, and who suggested that the press shouldn’t report both sides, but just the “truth” (which the speaker obviously felt would favor ID).

  6. That was Mark Mathews. Mark is a young-earth creationist who belongs to Tom Willis’ Creation Science of Mid-America group, and who has also worked with Calvert. Mark handed out some fliers at the start of the forum about the 1999 standards (pretty old news).

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