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2 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. I recently saw a bumper sticker on a car that I just love and have to get! It said something like “Kansas – where evolution is outlawed and the monkeys are in charge”

    Would you please tell me where to get this? Thanks, Barbara

  2. Hi, Jack & al. —

    Jack, the new website is magnificent! Professional and informative in appeanace and (as far as I’ve seen) content. One typo, however: the URL for my website is “”: that is, “ukans” should read “ku”. (In fact, any other instance of “” must be changed to “”.)

    (I’ve been out of action this semester, spending most of every day teaching or worrying about it. My home computer started acting up some time ago, and I did’t miss much, so I didn’t fix it. I look at my home mail every once in a while. Will be back in business this month, I hope, but without time for extended rants.)


    Peter G.

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