Help Support Strong Science Education

Teachers need support and ongoing professional development to continue to provide strong science education. Several years ago, dedicated funds to support science professional development were cut by the state. Before these cuts the state science teachers convention frequently drew 700-900 science teachers. Since the cuts, with many teachers having to pay their own way, attendance has hovered around 200.

KCFS stepped into the breach and has offered scholarships for teachers to attend the state science teachers convention. We have given preference to teachers early in their careers and to teachers whose districts provide no funding for such professional development.

Last year we awarded 11 scholarships. We would like to expand the number of scholarships.

The cost for the entire weekend convention, registration, room and board, is $275. Please consider a donation to help us provide more scholarships. KCFS pledges that any money donated to these scholarships will be used 100% for scholarships.

Send a check to:
PO Box 442136
Lawrence, KS 66044

Write “Scholarships” on the check.

Thank you so much for your generosity.

Harry McDonald
President, KCFS