Congratulations to KCFS’s own Phil Baringer

KU physicists involved with ‘God particle’ receive $1.78 million grant

Kansas City Star

University of Kansas researchers who this week celebrated their role in science that won the Nobel Prize for physics are recipients of a $1.78 million grant to keep their work going.

Physicists from KU were involved in building and operating the Higgs particle detector, a 100-megapixel camera that weighs several thousand tons and takes pictures 40 million times per second. Because of the radiation it is exposed to, the device will have to be replaced in a few years. KU is part of the team designing the replacement, said Philip Baringer, a KU professor of physics and astronomy.

Aside from helping the work KU’s scientists are doing at the collider, the grant is intended to support research on cosmic ray physics and cover some of the costs of educating a new crop of physicists at the university.

“You can think of this grant as helping to train the next generation of scientists,” Baringer said.