KATS Kamp Scholarship Recipients 2013

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2013 KATS Kamp Scholarship Recipients

Sponsored by Kansas Citizens for Science

For 2013, Kansas Citizens for Science (KCFS) set priorities for continuing to promote exceptional science instruction by providing quality professional development for teachers, and for emphasizing the teaching of established science.

Since KATS Kamp is the premier science-teaching, professional development conference in Kansas, the KCFS board originally decided to sponsor $100 scholarships with emphasis on teachers early in their careers, their mentors, and teachers whose districts don’t help with the costs of attending. Thanks to a recent donation, KCFS was able to fund the entire Kamp expense for this year’s scholarship recipients, $275.

The recipients of the KCFS Scholarships for 2013 are:

Elizabeth Burden Hamilton High School (Mentor)
Marissa Cowan Lakewood Middle School
Dave Clark Wichita Wilbur Middle School (Mentor)
Deana Ebberts Hamilton High School (Mentor)
Tim Elsen Wichita Wilbur Middle School
Kim Goff Lakewood Middle School, Salina
Hyungjoon Jin American School of Guatemala
Gary Schoonover Wichita Wilbur Middle School (Mentor)
Clarence (Fred) Snyder Wichita Wilbur Middle School
Karin Versteeg Derby 6th Grade
Michele D. White Hamilton High School