Evolution 101, April 2006

On April 6 and April 13, 2006, Shawnee Mission Unitarian Universalist Church in Shawnee Mission, Kansas and Kansas Citizens for Science co-sponsored a short course, “Evolution 101: Understanding Evolution for the Layperson”, presented by KCFS president Jack Krebs.

Jack’s main goal was to increase the public’s understanding of evolution: what is evolution, how did it happen, and how do we know? Jack also discussed the misconception that science in general, and evolution in particular, is atheistic, stressing that the theory of evolution is fully compatible with the religious beliefs of many Christians and members of other faiths.

Below are resources for the course, including websites used as resources for the course, Powerpoint slides and audio files of the presentations, other useful links, and news stories about the course.

Main website resources
The Understanding Evolution website at the University of California Museum of Paleontology.

Talkorigins, Exploring the Evolution/Creation Controversy

Class 1: The Nature of Science and the Core Concepts of Evolution

The Powerpoint Presentation for class 1, April 6, 2006

Audio files of Class 1, in mp3 format

Class 2: Types of Evidence for Evolution, and Common Misconceptions

The Powerpoint Presentation for class 2, April 13, 2006

Audio files of Class 2, in mp3 format

Other links

The Recommended Science Standards, by 21 out of 25 of the original Kansas Science Standards Writing Committee, with an explanation and selected excerpts on the Nature of Science and on Evolution

Dale Trott’s Introduction, April 6

Article: “The Historical Sciences are Testable”, by Keith Miller

A geologic and life timeline, from the San Diego Museum of Natural History

An interactive timeline of life, from Nova


The KCFS announcement for the course.

Harris News Service story on the course

Audio Files from Class 1

These are rough: unedited, patched from two different sources, and amplified in places where the speaker was not close to the microphone. You might want to download the PowerPoint Presentation for class 1 and look at the slides as you listen.


Audio Files from Class 2

These are rough: unedited and amplified in places where the speaker was not close to the microphone. You might want to download the PowerPoint Presentation for class 2 and look at the slides as you listen.


2 thoughts on “Evolution 101, April 2006

  1. Jack,
    Yesterday I was finally able to present my proposal to our zoo’s new conservation/education manager to have an “understanding evolution” program next February. While she’s a bit overwhelmed as she settles into her new job (which used to be filled by two men) she was receptive.
    I have been aiming to talk the zoo into a program “about evolution” — not a debate about any political controversy (like the Sacramento Zoo is doing). As you described on PT: help general public learn about evolution and science but be prepared for the spit balls.
    I told the conv/ed mgr about your planned program and that the material would be shared. She liked that idea. There is a lot of good information out there. The challenge is to distill it and to get it across as effectively as possible. I will be looking forward to seeing what you develop.

  2. Excellent. We will be posting my Powerpoint slides and my talk as soon as possible after Thursday, which will at least give someone interested a framework to start thinking about. Stay tuned.

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