Stylesheet problem – temporary post

I am trying to change the stylesheet for our WordPress theme so that links within posts are underlined.

For instance, the following is a link:

Currently there is no formatting that shows it is a link. I would like it be underlined, and perhaps in a different color than black.

In the stylesheet, there is the following declaration.

a:link,a:active,a:visited { text-decoration : none; color:#141414; }
a:hover { text-decoration: underline; color:#cd2626; }

This is the global setting by which links show no text decoration and and are an almost black color.  I want this to be this way so that all the links in the sidebar appear as unadorned black text.

However, in the posts I want links to be like this: a:link { text-decoration : underline; color:#191970; }

I’m trying to find the right place to put this.  I found the declaration for the text in posts.  It looks like this:

.post-content, .comment-content {

I know this is the right place because when I change the font-size to 16 pt, it changes in the posts.

So it seemed to me that all I had to do was add a declaration for links here, like this:

.post-content, .comment-content {
a:link { text-decoration : underline; color:#191970; };


But this doesn’t work.  I think it is likely that it is my syntax, like the {} or the ;, but there might be a bigger thing here that doesn’t work.

Can anyone shed any light on this problem for me.  I would appreciate any help I can get.