Naturalism in Science: Necessity or Bias.

Patterned off the very successful RNA symposium the CUO staged with biology last year under the leadership of Katsura Asano, the CUO and philosophy department will host “Naturalism in Science: Bias or Necessity” from Thursday-Saturday, April 10-12.


This symposium will feature seven prominent philosophers

of science– Gilbert Harman (Princeton), Michael Bishop (Florida State), Paul Churchland (UC-San Diego),

Terrence Horgan (Arizona), Gillian Barker (Bucknell), Michael Dickson (South Carolina),

Barbara Forrest (SE Louisiana)– and poet Patiann Rogers (Pacific).



Free registration for all talks will be provided to KSU faculty and students; and the event will be advertised nationally

with an expectation that we will have significant participation from regional universities. The speakers have pledged to make their talks accessible, and the CUO has issued a broad invitation to the secondary school science teaching community in Kansas, with resources set aside for travel support.



We will also advertise the event to the greater local community. Please let your colleagues, friends, and neighbors know about this event. More information can be found at our web site here: .