“Intelligent Design: Is It Faith or Science?”

Event Announcement

“Intelligent Design:  Is it a Faith or a Science?”

April 8, 1:00 pm
Room 301, Haag Hall, University of Missouri, Kansas City

Parking in the Rockhill Parking Structure, 4th Level, SW corner of Rockhill Road and 52nd Street.

Panel Chair:  Frederic S. Lee, professor of economics, UMKC
Sue Gamble, board member, District 2, Kansas State Board of Education
Jack Krebs, president, Kansas Citizens for Science
Kenneth S. Schmitz, professor of chemistry, UMKC
Harry McDonald III, former president, Kansas Citizens for Science

Free and open to the public

Sponsored by the Community of Reason
A Center for Free Thought
E-mail: info@communityofreason.net

If you are interested, there will be a related event the afternoon of April 6 at the University of Missouri at Kansas City as part of their Communiversity adult education program.

Dialogues Concerning Two Views of Intelligent Design as a Science: Part 1

Evolutionary biologists try to define science by limiting its investigations to purely law-like and mechanical (naturalistic) explanations. Dr. Marshall will demonstrate the methodological equivalence of ID and Darwinian evolution as theories for the origins of the species (including humans). Professor Schmitz will show that ID as presented to the public is not a science and ia a professor of Chemistry at UMKC. Dr. Marshall has degrees from the University of Washington in Seattle and UMC School of Medicine. He will defend ID.

Convener: Kenneth S. Schmitz
Class Fee: $9
Number of Sessions: 1
Meets: 4/6/2007; 12:00:00 PM – 1:00:00 PM
University Center, Alumni Rm.
50th & Rockhill Rd., UMKC Campus, KCMO
Limit: 100