Calvert explains what it’s really all about

Here is the text of a portion of a speech that John Calvert gave in Wichita on the Kansas Science Standards. It is a summary of the rationale the Intelligent Design movement has for the changes they have made in the science standards.

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Here’s the problem.

We have kids on this highway, and they’re going to a public school and they’re provided information. And they can be provided information that will lead them one way or another, depending on the decisions they make.

If they’re given complete information, they may choose to go this way [pointing to the left-hand sign which says “Designs”] They may conclude that life is a product of an intelligent cause rather than a material cause, and that’s going to lead them to a whole series of exits relating to Christianity, Judaism, Islam. And there will be subsidiary exits for ethics, morals, and even notions of government.

In this direction [pointing to the right], if you just believe you’re a product of material cause, you’ll have a whole different set of exits: exits for secular humanism, atheism, Buddhism and other Eastern religions, with different views of morals.

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Now here’s methodological naturalism [the idea that science only seeks natural explanations] – the Rule. Well, we’re not going to allow students to see what’s on that side of that fence.

Well, if you were to show this to the kids and say we are using this so you can’t see the evidence on the other side of the fence and ask, “Is there any evidence over there?” “Oh yeah, there is.” Well, they would just climb over that fence in a heartbeat. If you show them this, the kids would do just that and they wouldn’t listen to this … [pointing to the right-hand-sign saying “naturalistic hypothesis.”]

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So instead, this is what happens. They’re not shown the assumption. They’re just led this way [pointing to the right-hand-sign saying “naturalistic hypothesis.”) [Pointing to a new sign with trees blocking the road to “Design” and only the right-hand sign showing , saying “Origins Highway (Road to Non-Theism), and some standard creationist critiques from Wells’ “Icons of Evolution.”]

That’s the problem. Government is prejudging the question. Where do we come from? We come from a material cause.