An Open Email to John Calvert

Hi John.

Last time I emailed you, you then published my email, without my permission, as an addendum to your “Character Assassination and Denigration of Theism” pamphlet. Therefore, I thought I’d save you some trouble this time and publish this email myself, before I send it to you.

Page three of your pamphlet discusses the Connie Morris-spaghetti monster situation at a Wichita Middle School in April. When you spoke in Wichita last Sunday the teacher involved, Randy Mousley, clearly told you that he did not have the picture on his wall that your pamphlet said he did. If you read the story from the Wichita Eagle at the time, it clearly describes the generic line-drawing spaghetti monster.

Therefore, I will assume that you will amend your pamphlet in some way so that the public is not mislead by a false story from you.

Also, let me hereby declare that the fact that I am pointing out this one error in your pamphlet does not mean that I believe it is the only error in your pamphlet, or that I assent to the truthfulness and accuracy of all of, or any part of, the rest of the pamphlet. I thought I’d better throw that disclaimer in in case you felt like amending the title of your most recent page to “ACCORDING TO THE PRESIDENT OF KANSAS CITIZENS FOR SCIENCE, there are only TWO ‘ERRORS’ in this pamphlet.” There are many errors in the pamphlet, some of which I will address as I speak around the state and some which are just not worth the trouble mentioning.

Jack Krebs
Kansas Citizens for Science

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