Closing Comments at DDD2: Denis Lamoureux


1. Beware of the simple ‘either/or’ approach to origins. It imprisons the mind from seeing all possibilities, including the possibility of a God ordained and sustained evolutionary process that reflects intelligent design.

2. Do not equate the reality of Intelligent Design in nature with acts of Divine intervention. God glorifying design can arise through natural processes as our own creation in our mother’s womb testifies.

3. Do not include ID Theory in public schools as a legitimate scientific theory on origins. It is much too early for that. No one would submit their children to medical research without it having gone through the proper clinical trials. So too, the science being taught to our children.

4. Include the origins debate and the views of the ID Movement in the public school science curriculum as an extra-scientific topic. Not doing so only submits to the agenda driven propaganda of secular humanism, which effectively is a religion in itself.

5. Protect the intellectual foundations of the United States. The Declaration of Independence is rooted deeply in a world view that affirms the existence of God and a teleological universe. That is, a universe with plan, purpose and promise. Any form of public education that dismisses or even disregards God and teleology is clearly an attack on the intellectual foundations of this great nation.

6. I close with comment for my brothers & sisters in Christ. Church history reveals that we been through a similar science-faith controversy before. If this were the 17th century we would debating Galileo’s science. But we eventually came to terms with the notion that earth moved around the sun even though there were passages in Scripture that stated otherwise. And we eventually came to understand a saying popularized by Galileo, “The intention of the Holy Spirit is to teach us how one goes to heaven and not how heaven goes.” Is it possible that history is being re-cycled today with only the science in question being different–biological evolution instead of astronomy? If this is the case, then we can rewrite the famed 17th century saying for our generation:
The intention of the Bible is to teach us that God is the Creator,
and not how the Father, Son and Holy Spirit created

Last updated September 12, 2003